Welcome to The Spotlight On SPEXTRUM Blog.

Here you can find all unofficial information related to SPEXTRUM Design. Think of this space as a projection of the SPEXTRUM Staff’s daydreams and everyday ponderings – with a little more structure and a chance to have your say, sprinkled in. We will also update our readers on the Trends we’re currently watching and what we have planned for future projects. 

SPEXTRUM is a Lifestyle and Design company based in the thriving capital of South Korea, Seoul. 

Our team is made up of a collective of designers, artists and engineers, marketing professionals and most prevalently – dreamers. 

We are extremely passionate about growing our connections and extending our customer base to become WORLDWIDE, and for that reason (almost) all of the content here will be written in English. 

This blog will be broken down into four different categories. Those are, ‘Trend watch’, ‘Our Inspiration’, ‘What’s next?’ And ‘Have your say’. 

We hope that you find it easy and enjoyable to stroll and navigate through our blog. We hope to inspire all creatives and open the eyes of people who wouldn’t necessarily put themselves in that category. 

If you have any questions or suggestions you’d like to put forward, whether it be about a service, feature or product, feel free to contact us through hello@spextrum.net Love from the SPEXTRUM Team.

Written by Jessica Holmes - Overseas Content Marketing Manager