We look at things 

        from a new perspective 

        of 'design gaze'.

We are presenting a tiny echo and abundance to people's hearts.


SPEXTRUM is a group of creators working on realizing creative ideas.

SPEXTRUM is composed of a team of designers, artists and engineers with different backgrounds, 

develops new products through collaboration with various fields

SPEXTRUM has been releasing new products steadily since 2008 which have been sold for many years in places, 

such as design shops located in Europe, USA and Japan, and famous museums and galleries such as MoMA and PONFID.

SPEXTRUM aims to create a product that can inspire people, that is, to find the essence of the story, 

and to create a reasonable product, rather than pursuing an outward appearance.

We look at the various issues facing companies and brands from a new perspective of 'design gaze', 

find out the hidden essence in it, and solve it with the appropriate answers accordingly.

Through this new perspective, SPEXTRUM finds and suggests the essentials for people and society, 

listening to stories that have not been.