Trend Watch: The Rise Of Untact Events And Robots Serving Coffee!

12 Oct 2020
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robot serve the food and beverage instead of humans. This decision aims to minimise face to face contact through what many Koreans are calling 'untact' services, instead.

The synonym 'untact' combines 'un' which usually means to express the opposite of something positive and 'tact' which comes from the word contact.  

The term was first created by South Korean Marketers and has now been rolled out across the country, heard mainly when talking about fast-food chains and IT services. Two well-known chains, fast-food burger restaurant - No Brand, and upmarket Italian restaurant - Mad for garlic - are the first eateries to include a robotic service in place of human beings.

Customers at 'No Brand' can place their order at a self-service stand and then receive their food without having to interact with a real person. The human staff aid in cooking and preparing the food, however, they can do so without having to touch (or even see!) a customer. 

South Korean IT company, KT, paired with Mad for garlic and they are actively working together to create AI servers and waiting staff. The robotic assistants used at Mad for Garlic not only deliver take away food but also take customers orders and serve them at their tables. 

The robots use clever 3D space mapping to plan out their movements and store data regarding their location so that they can effectively and gracefully deliver food. 

The below picture shows diners in a café being served by an AI machine. As you can see, it is definitely eye catching and instagramable!

So, what do you think about untact events? Do you think that AI staff will be the future of hospitality?

Personally I feel as though there is no comparison between a machine and a robot. Humans are empathetic creatures by nature and that personal touch and charm goes a long way in create a cosy and friendly atmosphere - something I can't imagine the robot doing once the novelty wears off.

Anyway, leave your response in the comment section and let us know what you think! 

Overseas Content Marketing Manager - Jessica Holmes

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